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Service Provider for Development Business Plan of PDAM Salatiga City and Review Business Plan of PDAB Central Java

Selasa, 5 November 2019
Deadline Monday, 18 November 2019
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Service Provider for Development Business Plan of PDAM Salatiga City and Review Business Plan of PDAB Central Java
Issued Date: November 04, 2019
Title: “Service Provider for Development Business Plan of PDAM Salatiga City and Review Business Plan of PDAB Central Java

”Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Proposals:
Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH Plus) Surakarta, Jl. Semangka No 16 Kerten, Laweyan Surakarta 57143

A Pre-Proposal Bidders’ Conference is scheduled for November 13, 2019 at 13.00 PM -16.00 PM at USAID – IUWASH PLUS Central Java Regional Office, Jl. Semangka No. 16 Kerten, Laweyan, Surakarta 57143
Bidders Conference Confirmation: November 11, 2019 at the latest 04.00 PM
Email: IWPLProc_InboxSOL
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: November 18, 2019 at the latest 04.00 PM.
Soft copy to IWPLProc_InboxSOL
Point of Contact: IWPLProc_InboxSOL
Anticipated Award Type: Fixed Price Purchase Order
Basis for Award: An award will be made based on the Trade Off Method. The award will be issued to the responsible and reasonable offeror who provides the best value to DAI and its client using a combination of technical and cost/price factors

The USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Penyehatan Lingkungan Untuk Semua (IUWASH PLUS) program is a five-and-a-half-year initiative designed to assist the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in increasing access to water supply and sanitation services as well as improving key hygiene behaviors among urban poor and vulnerable populations. USAID IUWASH PLUS works with governmental agencies, the private sector, NGOs, communities and others to achieve the following “high level” results:
1. An increase of 1,100,000 people in urban areas with access to improved water supply service quality, of which at least 500,000 are from the poorest 40% of the population (also referred to as the “Bottom 40%” or “B40”), vulnerable groups or Indonesia’s eastern provinces; and
2. An increase of 500,000 people in urban areas with access to safely managed sanitation.

To ensure that improvements in access to WASH services are sustained, USAID IUWASH PLUS is guided by a development hypothesis that focuses on strengthening service delivery systems, so they can more effectively reach the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. In order to achieve this at scale, the program undertakes activities through four interrelated components, including: 1) improving household WASH services; 2) strengthening city WASH institutional performance; 3) strengthening the WASH financing environment; and 4) advancing national WASH advocacy, coordination and communication. In support of these components, USAID IUWASH PLUS also implements a Local Sustainability and Innovation Component (LSIC) that is designed to stimulate WASH innovations that strengthen community, private sector and government WASH service provision.

USAID IUWASH PLUS currently provides TA to PDAM Salatiga to improve the performance both in technical and financial aspects to enable PDAM increase the service coverage in Salatiga municipality. The assessment of existing condition indicated that the Business Plan currently is in place is not completed yet with the local government approval and needs some revision for several aspects to enable PDAM implement the plans. Also, the revision also will include restructuring the format to comply with the latest regulation of PERMENDAGRI No. 118 Year 2018 of PDAM business plan development guidelines. The revised business plan will cover period of 2020 to 2024 and be used as the road map of new management that recently assigned by local government. The revision will expectedly also increase the credit point of PDAM performance stated in PDAM index.

Additionally, IUWASH PLUS in Program Year 4 has set plan to assist the regional water supply operator in Central Java (PDAB Jawa Tengah) in developing the business plan as mandated by Ministry of Public Works (Directorate of Pengembangan Sistem Pelayanan Air Minum). The assistance will include review current Business Plan and develop some revisions if required. Several projects of PDAB have been postponed by central government such as WOSUSOKA due to some reasons which make them to also revise the business plan.

Activity Summary
USAID IUWASH PLUS planned to assist PDAM Salatiga and PDAM Central Java in developing the business plan in order both water supply operator run the water business effectively and efficiently that able to increase the water supply service coverage in particular municipality. The business plan as the road map will guide both operators to clearly conduct the investment and the service improvement in next five year of 2020 to 2024. The business plan will elaborate all resources required that include technical, financial and human resources aspects to achieve particular goal of the operator has been set. The business plan also requires the approval from local or provincial government in implementation stage of the plan.

The main objective of this SOW is to develop PDAM Business Plan and Review PDAB Business Plans for PDAM Salatiga City and PDAB Central Java .The Business Plans will provide a reference for PDAM and PDAB management and respective Local Governments (LGs) especially to response and support the increasing service coverage as the water addition from the project. The business plan then will become essential reference in developing the annual work plan and setting the budget of PDAM and PDAB. Additionally, the business plan will also be used by local and provincial government in monitoring the performance of operator especially in service coverage indicator.

Detailed Tasks
Activities will be implemented for PDAM Salatiga City and PDAB Central Java and consist of the following tasks:
• Establish PDAM and PDAB Business Plan Development Team the requirements of PDAM and PDAB.
• Conduct Business Plan Training for relevant staff.
• Conduct SWOT analysis and risk Management.
• Identify and agree on in PDAM and PDAB vision and mission
• Develop PDAM and PDAB strategic plan
• Develop PDAM and PDAB program goals and plans
• Conduct Business Plan presentations before the Director and Supervisory Board
• Conduct Business Plan Workshop (All stakeholders)
• Finalize Business Plan
• Obtain commitment of respective LGs for implementation of programs in accordance with the approved Business Plan, including measures to safeguard raw water sources and increase access to low income communities.

Note: The required Financial Projection of business plan will be developed by IUWASH PLUS regional Wash Finance Specialist.

Expected Results
• PDAM and PDAB Business Plans developed in coordination with PDAM and PDAB leadership
• Commitment of all relevant stakeholders to implement PDAM/PDAB Business Plans
• Full understanding of PDAM/PDAB management and staff of the following:
• Importance and methodology of preparing a professional PDAM/PDAB strategic plan;
• Full understanding of PDAM/PDAB vision and mission, and the implications;
• Full understanding of PDAM/PDAB internal and external conditions through a SWOT analysis;
• Involvement of all PDAM/PDAB sections to understand the objectives and programs areas;
• Prioritizing PDAM/PDAB improvement program on the basis of consumer expectations
• Requirements for PDAM/PDAB to prepare subsequent business plan by their own team
Specialist Required:
This activity will be announced to the public through the internet media and the developer will be selected through bidding process. This will be open tender where all applicant whose qualification meets the requirement is allowed to join the bidding. The requirements as follows:
1. Senior Water Supply Engineer/Team Leader: 1 person, total 4 man-months (Have experiences in the field of water supply for at least 10 years, serves as water supply engineer)
2. Water supply engineers : 1 persons, total 4 man-months
(Have experiences in the field of water supply for at least 5 years)

Note: The third Party will not be required to provide a PDAM financial analyst, since all financial analysis will be prepared by IUWASH PLUS. The Water Supply Engineers need to communicate closely with the IUWASH PLUS team for timely analysis of both technical and financial aspects in each PDAM.

Timing/Assignment Duration
The duration of activities is estimated for 4 months, starting December 2019.


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